Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Burn the Baby Fat

Burn the Baby Fat - The Spirit is Willing But the Flesh is Weak

The idea to start burning your baby fat sounds wonderful when you talk about it, but has no value if no action is attached.

Well today is the day to start to burn the baby fat and finally DO what you've been talking about for weeks, months, years and this is How:

Today, do something different such as:

Take 5 minutes, just for you, to simply breathe
Trade in the frappuccino for a large mug of fresh brewed green tea
Turn off the TV and go for a walk or play with your kids

Whether you choose to do something simple or small, doesn't matter. The point is that you are taking action and doing something!

You are slowly moving in the right direction by taking responsibility for the outcomes to burn the baby fat instead of wishing, hoping and dreaming as your life quickly passes you by.

Burn the Baby Fat